Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas, Packaging and Circuits

Chapter 1: Intruduction (Gaucher). Chapter 2: mmWave Packaging (Pfeiffer). Chapter 3: Dielectric Properties at mmWave and THz Bands (Dougherty, Lanagan, Rajab). Chapter 4: mmWave Interconnects (Grzyb). Chapter 5: Printed millimeter antennas – Multilayer technologies (Mohamed, Lafond). Chapter 6: Planar Waveguide-Type Slot Arrays (Ando, Hirokawa). Chapter 7: Antenna Design for 60 GHz Packaging Applications (Liu). Chapter 8: Monolithic Integrated Antennas (Öjefors, Rydberg). Chapter 9: Metamaterial for Antenna Applications (Itoh, Lai, Lee). Chapter 10: EBG Materials and Antennas (Weily, Esselle, Bird). Chapter 11: System to Circuit and Technology Implementation of RF and mmWave Switches (Plouchar). Chapter 12: MEMS Switches (Hoivik). Chapter 13: Phased Arrays (Pao, Aguirre). Chapter 14: Integrated Phased Array (Hajimiri). Chapter 15: mmWave/THz Imaging (Luhmann, Yang, Shen). Chapter 16: Millimeter-Wave System Overview (Reynolds). Chapter 17: Special MMW Measurement Techniques (Zwick, Pfeiffer). Chapter 18: Micromachining and Silicon Processing (Tsang, Andry, Steen)