Increasing Hits and Selling More on Your Website

Do your best customers know where to find you?

It can get pretty lonely out in cyberspace if nobody knows you're there. That's why this book gives you detailed, hands-on techniques for dramatically increasing the number of people who visit your site and special tactics for turning them into paying customers who come back for more. You'll get proven methods that have helped both small companies and large corporations increase the effectiveness of their Web sites.

Written especially for entrepreneurs, corporate marketing managers, small business owners, and consultants, this valuable guide gives you rare tips and tricks you need to know to make your site a commercial success.

You'll find out how to:
* Make your site irresistible to your target audience-and reach them using a proven 16-step promotional campaign
* Submit your site to hundreds of search engines and directories
* Create multiple revenue streams with only one site
* Guide customers through your site and close the sale
* Build word of mouth, create repeat customers, and charge for ad space on your site
* Cut the costs of setting up a site-from hiring freelance graphic designers to selecting Internet providers
* Avoid common marketing mistakes and outfox your competition

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