Option Pricing: Black-Scholes Made Easy (Wiley Trading)

A intuitive and powerful approach to mastering one of the most important options trading tools In 1997, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded for the work that led to Black-Scholes Options-Pricing Theory. Black-Scholes has become the dominant way of understanding the relationships among options prices, stock forecasts, and expected stock-market volatility. Option Pricing: Black-Scholes Made Easy, a book and interactive, animated tutorial, makes this sophisticated way of thinking accessible to everyday traders. Animations and simulations present the material in a simple, visual and interactive manner. They allow readers to understand easily and intuitively the concepts and outcomes of Black-Scholes and probability distributions. Black-Scholes Options-Pricing Theory revealed that investing in options is a probability game. Option Pricing: Black-Scholes Made Easy shows you your odds. Jerry Marlow (New York, NY) is a freelance financial writer and marketing consultant. For investment firms, he creates marketing and educational presentation that bridge the gap between how sophisticated financial mangers think about investing and how the firms' clients think about investing.