The Bond King: Investment Secrets from PIMCO's Bill Gross

Praise For Investment Secrets From PIMCO's Bill Gross "No investor is held in higher regard by his peers than Bill Gross.His understanding of the markets and his insights on how to profitfrom them are unparalleled. Now, Tim Middleton takes you intoGross's world for an insider's view on how the world of financereally works. If this book were a bond, it would be AAA rated witha double-digit yield." -DON PHILLIPS, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc. "The secret to investment success is discipline. In bonds, nobodyhas displayed better discipline than Bill Gross. And nobody hasdone a better job of explaining Gross's methods, and instructingprivate investors how they can exploit his approach, than TimMiddleton." -JON MARKMAN, Columnist, CNBC on MSN Money "Warren Buffett, John Neff, Bill Miller, Peter Lynch-the stockmarket has always had dominant personalities whose long-termsuccess becomes legend. In the bond market, that dominantpersonality is Gross." -FORTUNE "Bill Gross is the Emeril Lagasse of bond managers." -FORBES "If you want to get a stock mutual fund manager steamed, ask whyhis fund can't beat bond guru Bill Gross." -USA TODAY