The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor's Kit: How You Can Double Your Income By Investing in Real Estate on a Part-Time Basis

In The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor’s Kit, noted author and real estate expert, Thomas J. Lucier provides detailed information, step-by-step instructions and practical advice for both beginning and experienced investors, who want to join the ranks of America's real estate millionaires!

You get Tom Lucier’s lifetime of real estate investing expertise and experience in twenty-three meaty chapters. You also get all of the nitty-gritty details on five proven strategies for making money in real estate today. You’ll learn all of the fundamentals of successful investing and get the guidance that you need on these and many more vital topics:

  • Choosing the right investment strategies
  • Financing your deals
  • Limiting your risk and liability
  • Earning tax-free income from the sale of real estate
  • Setting up and operating your own real estate business
  • Investing in undervalued properties
  • Following state and federal real estate related statutes
  • Negotiating the best possible deal for yourself
  • Buying properties at below-market prices
  • Performing due diligence, inspections, and estimating property values
  • Preparing purchase and sale agreements

The No-Nonsense Real Estate Investor’s Kit is as close as you can get to a graduate degree in real estate investing without ever going to college. It arms you with the specialized knowledge that you need to compete successfully against the seasoned real estate professionals in your local real estate market. And this book comes complete with FREE downloadable and customizable forms to help you get started on the fast track.

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By Ted (Gilbert, AZ) · ★★★☆☆ · August 28, 2011
Off-putting, albeit funny statement on page 5: the chances of a nationwide residential real estate market meltdown are zero... That being said, the rest is relevant and has true potential in today's marketplace. ...more