Immunotherapy Of Type 1 Diabetes

Recent national, European and international diabetes meetings have seen controversial discussions on the potential benefit and also on ethical aspects of immune intervention in patients with Type 1 diabetes or in persons with a high risk of developing the disease. This volume has been prepared to accompany the 1st International Symposium on the Immunotherapy of Type 1 Diabetes and represents the first attempt to bring together researchers and clinicians working in this field. The degree of interest in this topic was demonstrated by the formation of the International Diabetes Immunotherapy Group (IDIG), the registry of which is included at the end of this book. The editors of this text shared the view that a comprehensive review of attempts to cure or to predict diabetes was necessary at this stage in response to the increasing interest that many diabetologists now have in this field. Their aim was to describe and critically evaluate all therapeutic approaches that are currently being explored. This volume is intended to provide guidelines for those diabetologists in highly specialized centres who may consider embarking on immune intervention trials in newly diagnosed diabetic patients.