New York in Store

A charming, quirky look at one hundred New York shop windows and interiors.

From Manhattan mainstays like Katz's Delicatessen and Macy's to idiosyncratic emporiums such as the 99¢ Store on East 14th Street or Dr. Rico Perez's drugstore in the Bronx, here are some of New York's most delightful and eye-catching shops and their display windows. Some of these windows feature collapsing heaps of merchandise, while goods in others are neatly stacked and arranged with a traditional shopkeeper's precision, creating geometric patterns out of everyday objects.

Juxtaposed with each photograph is the store's business card, which details its name and location so the reader can track down his or her favorites.

While chain stores do exist in New York, the city still offers a myriad of independent, one-of-a-kind shops. This delightful survey will appeal equally to New Yorkers and the city's visitors. 200 color illustrations.