Fallacies and Argument Appraisal (Critical Reasoning and Argumentation)

Fallacies and Argument Appraisal presents an introduction to the nature, identification, and causes of fallacious reasoning, along with key questions for evaluation. Drawing from the latest work on fallacies as well as some of the standard ideas that have remained relevant since Aristotle, Christopher Tindale investigates central cases of major fallacies in order to understand what has gone wrong and how this has occurred. Dispensing with the approach that simply assigns labels and brief descriptions of fallacies, Tindale provides fuller treatments that recognize the dialectical and rhetorical contexts in which fallacies arise. This volume analyzes major fallacies through accessible, everyday examples. Critical questions are developed for each fallacy to help the student identify them and provide considered evaluations.

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By Emily (Salt Lake City, UT) · ★★★★★ · December 30, 2009
Just what I needed! Better not try to argue with me, now. ...more
By Yifan (Evan) (Nashville, TN) · ★★★★★ · September 30, 2013

本书对逻辑谬误分了 9 大类:
1. 转移关注点 - Fallacies of Diversion
2. 结构谬误 - Fallacies of Structure
3. 语言错误 - Problems with Language
4. 人身攻击 - Ad Hominem
5. 其它类人身攻击 - Other Ad Arguments
6. 迷信... ...more