Love is a Four Letter Word

The "L" word? Bella never wanted to hear it again. There were things in her past which needed to be put well away, like the 27 boxes of clutter she'd brought from her old flat. And having changed her job, her town, her entire life—the one thing she wasn't about to change was her mind.

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By Kim (Durban, 02, South Africa) · ★★★☆☆ · August 22, 2010
This book is chic-lit. I don't often read chic-lit but this was actually quite a good read.

Bella is single and about to lose the plot when she decides to buy a house in a small town and reinvent her life. as they do in these kinds of books.

Inevitably her dislike for the idea of love is changed wh... ...more
By Paula (The United Kingdom) · ★★★★★ · December 04, 2009
A real page turner, I prised my eyes open one night to finish it off as I couldn't wait to find out what would happen!

Bella, the main character of the book is so likeable, and you find yourself really caring about what happens to her.

There's a little twist in it part way through when you find out... ...more
By Michelle (The United States) · ★★★★★ · October 16, 2012
I seem to be picking tear-jerkers this week. I really, really liked this book. I liked the way the author leaves you to wonder ( for a bit) what happened to Bella's previous relationship, I love that Will is attractive, but not some Adonis and I love that Bella was a character that was down- to -... ...more
By Maya (Richmond Hill, ON, Canada) · ★★★★☆ · July 06, 2011
Really enjoyed. Gently humorous, not over-written, no name- or brand-dropping, feels like real people, difficult emotional issues/conflicts handled delicately and resolved on quiet yet satisfying notes rather than bombastically ...more
By Daisy (Belfast, R3, The United Kingdom) · ★★★☆☆ · December 09, 2012
total chick-lit, in such a chick-lit phase at the minute though so right up my alley! please someone get me out of it. simple but effective, both deeply sad and abnormally happy at the same time. ...more
By Colette (Watford, F8, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★☆ · August 08, 2013
Quite an interesting read. The ex Patrick dying made the book have a slightly different feel to normal chick lit books, but good. ...more
By Kaz (The United Kingdom) · ★★★★☆ · January 19, 2008
This book was very funny and easy to read but with a sad story behind it. I'd like to read more by this author. ...more
By Jane (Barreiro, 19, Portugal) · March 13, 2013
I haven't rated this one as I really can't remember it at all. Not sure if that is a bad sign or not! ...more
By Carrie (The United States) · ★★★★★ · July 25, 2010
One of my all-time favorite books. ...more