What You Need to Know About Ritalin

For all your questions about Ritalin--here are straightforward, medically sound answers.

Ritalin is the drug doctors prescribe most often for the millions of Americans who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD--or if you suspect ADHD is present--you will want to understand ADHD and Ritalin.  This comprehensive, authoritative guide explains all you need to know.

Filled with real-life stories and the latest medical findings, this invaluable reference explains how Ritalin works, what to expect if you or your child takes it, and what can increase its effectiveness at school, work, and home.

What You Need to Know About Ritalin includes:
How ADHD is diagnosed--and where to find a professional for assessment
What Ritalin can--and can't--do to control ADHD
Medical advice about dosage, side effects, and other drug therapies
How to make Ritalin part of a total treatment program with psychotherapy, parent training, and support groups
Best solutions to common problems with prescription refills, doses during the school day, working with teachers and school systems--and more

Plus comprehensive reference and resource sections