Temporary Mistress (St. John-Duras)

The Tattler - April 1802 It wouldn't surprise you, gentle readers, to learn that Dermott Ramsay, the earl of Bathurst and favorite of all ladies, married or otherwise, has a new paramour. What may surprise you is her name. For she is none other than Isabella Leslie!  The same beauty of the sizable inheritance who prefers not the ton but books, maps, and the family shipping business.  You may wonder how a picture of innocence ended up in the arms of a libertine. Truth to tell, Isabella had to flee from her scheming relatives in the rain-soaked night and seek refuge in London's most infamous brothel. There, with the help of the madam, she devised an unorthodox plan to escape a dreaded marriage bed. She would simply have to become unmarriageable--even if it meant public ruin. And who better to utterly ruin her in a mere week than a handsome rake famous for seductive skills?  But gossip has it that Dermott may be developing a tendre for his temporary mistress. It makes for the most delicious speculation, does it not? For if it indeed is the case, what will happen when their week of pleasure is over? We urge you, dear readers, to do as we do--follow the affair closely, and with every hope that it will turn into this Season's most delicious scandal.

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By Best_beloved (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · November 12, 2008
Let me begin by saying I have a bias against Susan Johnson novels. As far as I can tell, the basic plot of all her books seems to be female lead meets male lead and they have sex and sex and sex and sex - The End. I swear the author gets paid by the orgasm, with a hefty bonus if she can work in a... ...more
By Dyanne (Portland, OR) · ★★☆☆☆ · August 01, 2009
This was my first ( and last) book by Susan Johnson. It's summery had such promise, but it barely squeezed 2 stars out of me. The only reason I won't give it one star is that I was able to finish it. I am not sure what the author's other books are like, and I am always up for some good sex scene,... ...more
By S.J. (Springfield, OH) · ★★☆☆☆ · September 13, 2011
I hate to only give this two stars because I loved the story and the style of writing. However, there was a major conflict that was set-up but unresolved or completely forgotten. It was also unbelievable that the heroine would forgive the hero for what was repeated, blatant soul-crushing infideli... ...more
By *MariaA* · ★★★☆☆ · January 30, 2013
Although the story plot was nice but I Don't like unfaithful heroes(then it does'nt make him a hero) ...more
By Carrie (Chandler, AZ) · ★★☆☆☆ · December 20, 2014
Erotica with a story (the hero has sex with other women after meeting the heroine, one of the lines crossed between a romance and an erotica).

There are too many logic holes for the plot to be believable. Just visiting a brothal is enough to destroy the heroine's reputation. If she needs her maid... ...more
By penelopewanders (Switzerland) · ★★★☆☆ · June 20, 2012
First entered this in January 2008, but I'm not sure that's when I read it- I think I read it earlier. Looking at bookcrossing I see I accidentally bought this book twice. When I read it in January 2006, this is what I wrote:

"enjoyable story... When her beloved grandfather dies and she finds hers... ...more
By Ahi (Kingstown, W.I, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) · ★★★★★ · March 20, 2012
Great book!! love the plot...historic footnotes or endnotes...whatever it was...nice, strong, rich, independent heroine...the male lead was egotistical-hope i spelt that right- & had baggage, that i can't really say he wanted to get pass. Greedy & selfish relatives...the only thing i didn... ...more
By Charity (Sequim, WA) · ★★☆☆☆ · October 11, 2012
This was my first Susan Johnson novel. It starts out promising then turns pornish,(thats ok it's a romance novel after all)then it never says what happens with the family bullies. What a way to leave lose ends! Her and her editor should be ashamed. Happy endings are great but lose your family fou... ...more
By Hilari (San Diego, CA) · ★☆☆☆☆ · February 23, 2010
I don't know where this book came from - garage sale, from a friend, or what. I'm just glad I didn't pay for it. I read about the first 100 pages and skipped to the end. Two days later, I couldn't remember the title, characters or anything about the storyline.

Does it make sense for me to say tha... ...more
By Nonieღserenity2bliss (Malaysia) · ★★★☆☆ · January 27, 2012
The characters were a bit iffy at times. There's not a lot of consistency, especially the heroine who acts strong but naive one minute, but sultry and seductive the next (or at least tried to be one). But if you like your story with a lot of sex scenes with little character development, you'll en... ...more