Arranged Love: An Indian Boy's Search in Amrika To Find A Suitable Girl

Vijay was open to the idea of getting married and, to the relief of his parents, he wanted to marry someone Indian. The problem was that although he was ready to settle down, he was not ready to settle.He wanted to fall in love and marry his perfect soul mate from America. He didnt want to marry someone selected through an arranged marriage process within a matter of days from India. But how would he find this special person? What follows is the journey of many first generation Americans as Vijay endures countless friendly set ups, family arranged dates, Indian dating services, and matrimonial conventions in his comedic pursuit to find Arranged Love.

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By Needhi (New York, NY) · ★★★★★ · January 18, 2008
If you have ever experienced even the slightest pressure about marriage or seen others go through it, you will find this book entertaining. The book explores some of the issues first generation Asians have and some of the conflicts that arise with our families. This is definitely a good fun read!... ...more