The ABCs of IPOs: Investment Strategies and Tactics for New Issue Securities

A solid advice guide that takes practical realities and necessities into account and [is] written in plain terms directly accessible to the lay reader.-Midwest Book ReviewInitial public offerings and other new issue securities are generally investments of choice for those who seek abnormal capital appreciation. In The ABCs of IPOs, author Robert Anthony Chechile explains the factors that can signal whether an offering will be successful by describing:Typical IPO market price behavior, as illustrated by various IPO offeringsSecurities regulations and the environment that necessitated their enactmentDifferent securities markets, including the stock exchange and the multi-tiered, over-the-counter marketsThe underwriting process and the information required in the prospectusEvaluation techniques, including how to read a financial report and also how to determine a security's intrinsic valueHow to allocate investment capital to avoid gambler's remorseSelection guidelines for IPOs, limited partnerships, and convertiblesThe ABCs of IPOs has everything the average individual investor will need to know to succeed with new issue securities and more.