Marlboro Blues

Sex, drugs, & Rock'n Roll.

Those are the immortal words, photographer, Ed Brockton hates. Those are the words his girlfriend, Evelyn Winthrop lives by.

Set in Oxford, England in 1987, Ed and Evelyn are having problems with their relationship. He wants no reminders of her past and disregards her singing career. Evelyn on the other hand, a free-spirit, wants more out of her relationship with her boyfriend of six years.

Not satisfied by her latest recording sessions for Hero's Requiem, Evelyn sets forth to make her music right and places her relationship with Ed on the back burner. Along the way, something from her past appears once more. It's something Ed never knew about and can't erase.

Now, it's re-entered her life in a big way and delivers what Ed could never give her.