Forever Fit: The Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step Life Plan to Improve Your Body And Mind

Time is at a premium for most people today. Multitasking has become an accepted way of life. Unfortunately, staying fit is moving further down the list of priorities-not because of lack of desire, but because there never seems to be any time available in your daily schedule.Dr. Rick Kattouf, a Nutrition and Fitness Coach and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, offers an effective method for self-improvement. Enhance your body and mind with an easy-to-follow life plan that includes step-by-step information on:Getting startedNutrition programs and guidelinesWeight training and cardiovascular exercisePutting it all togetherPeople just like you; FAQ's, success stories, and testimonialsAs one of the top-ranked multisport athletes in the country, Kattouf offers his extensive background and experience-the know-how to formulate a health plan to fit all your needs. Regardless of your fitness level, Rick has the perfect plan for you. For more than thirteen years, he has coached individuals on weight loss, body fat reduction, sport-specific training, improved fitness, and increased self-esteem. The positive results will be an improved overall physical, mental and emotional sense of well-being.So go ahead-make a change. Forever Fit will get you started down the path to self-improvement. Enjoy the journey!"Pursue your dreams with vigor until fantasy becomes reality!"