The Resort

Cliffhaven—Magnificent new resort near Big Sur. Surrounded by redwoods. Guarded by Oceanside cliffs. Protected from prying eyes. By reservation only.

Cliffhaven—Founded by a man with very special interests, catering to a very special clientele.

Margaret and Henry Brown, vacationing New Yorkers innocently driving down the sea-washed coast of California, are just the right sort of people.

Cliffhaven—It has a spectacular entrance, a three-star restaurant, lavish accommodations—and no exit!

“This novel should do for California vacation retreats what jaws did for swimming in the Atlantic.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A thrilling nightmare…A Dante’s Inferno…more than fulfills the remark “I read it all in one nail-biting session.”—Eli Wallach

“Not only a thriller…a parable and a warning to all who say ‘It can’t happen here.’”—Jewish Post and Opinion