Don't Let Your Elevator Get Stuck on Stupid: Survival Tips for Teens

It's a teen thing! Don't Let Your Elevator Get Stuck on Stupid is a humorous resource for teenagers that will show them how to survive those tumultuous years between childhood and adulthood and come out on top.Author Iselyn Hamilton-Lundy realizes that her teenage years were the foundation on which she has built her adult life. In the no-nonsense guide Don't Let Your Elevator Get Stuck on Stupid, Hamilton-Lundy shares what she learned from these formative years as she discusses:Self-esteemFinancial responsibilityEnjoying womanhoodHow to control your destinyThe realization that life is not easyAbstinence and much moreDerrick Hamilton realizes that the choices he made in his teen years is why he is spending his adult life incarcerated.Don't Let Your Elevator Get Stuck on Stupid is designed to help teenagers navigate this awkward stage of development and emerge smarter and better prepared to make responsible life choices. Hamilton-Lundy offers teens humor and serious strategies for conquering challenging issues. She also gives parents entertaining insights into the complex minds of teenagers. Let the advice in Don't Let Your Elevator Get Stuck on Stupid help you to make your teenage years happy and memorable, so that your adult years may be joyful and prosperous!"In the chapter the Power of a Princess, Iselyn Lundy has captured the essence of what inspires, motivates, and empowers young girls to become great women of power. This insightful book gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn from a true diva, a true queen, and a mighty and virtuous woman."-Delatorro Mcneal II, CEO of Worldwide Empowerment Professional Speaker, Best selling Author, Entrepeneur, TV Personality