Secrets to a Successful Commercial Software (COTS) Implementation

In today's world, most global companies face enormous challenges in dealing with an inflexible budget climate when complex changes are required. Secrets to a Successful Commercial Software Implementation will help guide business leaders to gain understanding of how commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software like SAP, Seibel, and PeopleSoft should be applied in order to ultimately achieve significant cost savings.Project management professional Nick Berg utilizes his strong background in domestic and international Systems Applications and Products to teach others the potential benefits of implementing COTS products such as faster deployment time, enhanced quality and reliability, reduced development risk, provided periodic upgrades and improvements, and an already established support system. He introduces a unique process for COTS development, presents best-practice processes for COTS projects, and defines the architecture procedures within the COTS environment. Finally, he walks through each project phase of a COTS-based project by introducing the objectives, road map, roles, activities, artifacts, and milestone of the phase.The cultural impact on an organization facing this decision is profound, but if implemented with forethought, planning, and dedicated guidance and execution, the benefits to an organization will be long reaching and significant.