How to Avoid a "Nightmare" Contractor/Builder: Things you need to think about and research before remodeling or building!

If you are ready to build or remodel a home, think again. Take a moment to ask yourself whether you have ever heard about a contractor or builder taking advantage of a client, who ends up losing piles of money. Have you done enough homework to prevent that from happening to you? In How to Avoid a Nightmare Contractor or Builder, Earl F. Anderson Jr., a building contractor with more than three decades of experience, takes you behind the scenes and helps you understand how to ward off your own nightmare story. Anderson guides you through: ·Analyzing types of contractors ·Selecting a contractor ·Bidding out your project ·Interpreting and accepting bids ·Staying involved throughout the project ·Completing your project ·And much more! Many people are familiar with the common adage, "They don't build them like they used to." Go back to the days of your parents, when builders were respectful and the job was done right. Whether it's a minor remodel or the construction of a new home, How to Avoid a Nightmare Contractor or Builder can save you money, prevent hassles, and get you on your way to completing the project of your dreams.