Set during the turbulent era of the VietnamWar, Counters is a quirky, thrilling story ofair combat and of the young fighter pilotswho blend the harsh reality of war withyouth's untamed urges.As the pilot of a sleek F-4C Phantom II,self-doubting Lieutenant Steve Mylder fightsfor his life in the skies above Vietnam in1967 but battles for his soul against theRed Baron of his imagination. His cockyfriend Avery-womanizer and master ofthe art of combat seduction-thunders fiftyfeet over a North Vietnamese beach, looksdown, locks eyes with an improbable woman,and falls into hopeless love.Steve and Avery count their missions, hopingagainst the odds that they'll make it backhome alive instead of in a body bag. Butliberating the recklessness in their souls issometimes the only way to deal with theunknown, and the two friends soon realizethat growing up is a lot harder than theythought.In Counters, humor and whimsy counteractwith authentic details of air combat broughtto life by former air force pilot Tony Taylor,illuminating a brooding yet fanciful lookat the hormones and "warmones" thatimpel young men to war and stupidity.