Make us more Innovative: Critical Factors for Innovation Success

While many books have been written about innovation, most are focused on advocating the importance of innovation and don't provide a roadmap to help build a sustainable innovation capability. Make Us More Innovative was written to fill that gap. This book was written for the innovation manager or chief innovation officer who has been instructed to "make us more innovative" and who needs a roadmap to help him or her accomplish that task. This book will help you:gain credibility quicklyidentify the key challenges in your organizationbuild a successful innovation capability in less time and with better resultsMake Us More Innovative is a valuable tool for any business hoping to understand and create a culture of innovation. Jeffrey does a great job of laying out all the steps that will help you make your innovation initiative a reality.Roger von OechMake Us More Innovative provides a thoughtful, step by step approach for any team seeking to improve their innovative capabilities. This is a book that will be a useful resource throughout your innovation initiative.Joyce Wycoff