On a Field of Legends

When Sammy Balle is gravely injured on the final play of the big game his chances of going pro are as shattered as his body. While wallowing in self-pity and contemplating what could have been, he finds redemption when his niece is injured and becomes comatose. Death comes to take her away and Sammy challenges him to a football game for her life. Sammy must now research old time, passed on players for his team with the help of an elderly football "guru". Nitschke, Grange, Hutson, and a slew of other old-time greats return to the pigskin to help him along, for the game that ensues is not at all what Sammy had in mind as he must overcome Death's hidden clauses and tricks. In a one time football game where the stakes are life and death itself, you will not need players, you will need Legends.