The Vendor

The Lady Bug, Lamps, Tramps, Subway Trains, Crows, a Rubber Ducky, Philadelphia Jail, Whiskey, Getting Shot, Ham and Cheese, San Juan,a Spilt Rail Fence, Squatters, Heroin, Losers, and Guns, A Crack Pipe,
Terry Johnson's God, Dragon Flies,
Snnfffffff, and A Mob? Or A Cult or Something?
A Vulture, maybe a la Cosa Nostra? Or Freaks?
"This place should be burnt down!"
"...I'" He sniffles
*Crime scene. Case JLK
The good DEA, a red 300ZX, The Price is Right,
Twenty Five Cents sparkled, in the Navajo Sun, and the machines dialed a digit code, faster than light.
And a man named Lewis Lovell.
9.7.3. 5.5.5.
2.0.1. 5.5.5.
"Ahh Hahahhah."
The old man wheezed.
And Led Zeppelin