True Net Cash Flow: Understanding Real Estate Efficiency

If you're relying on luck to maximize your real estate value, then you're making a serious mistake. With True Net Cash Flow, you can eliminate the guesswork and consistently make educated, highly profitable real estate investment choices.

Investment gurus Dan Ahmad and Jim Files offer the ultimate resource for real estate investors and the professionals who help them. With more than fifty-five years of combined experience in the tax, financial, and business industries, Ahmad and Files guide you step by step through the real estate investment process and help you establish specific goals, manage your expectations, and outline your responsibilities as investors. You'll learn how to:

  • Increase net income
  • Preserve current equity
  • Reduce taxes paid on sale
  • Minimize management responsibilities
  • Find a better way to name a replacement property in forty-five days
  • Improve the quality of owned property

With this expert guide, you can simplify your life and make owning real estate less complicated and potentially more rewarding. Take your next step toward enhancing the financial strength of your real estate holdings and achieve long-term financial success with True Net Cash Flow!