Fumes and a Prayer: How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner

If you take risks, sometimes things go wrong. ...If you could predict success with 100% assurance, where would the challenge be? Most of us want to live at the edge of something ...a business venture, a relationship, an outdoor adventure. Yet most people don't photograph sharks uncaged, set high speed downhill skiing records or climb overhanging sand dunes. ...For the majority of us, life is about accepting risks that take you to the edge ...you can see it, sense the adventure, know the fear, overcome obstacles and test your limits. You want to look at the edge, walk the edge, but not go over the edge. You want to absorb the adventure ...and then tell your stories around the dinner table. ...In Fumes and a Prayer, Dennis Bauer invites you to live life at the edge. And he asks you to remember three key words, words his flight instructor taught him, words he didn't know he would need until the day the engine coughed and sputtered, and the propeller began to windmill in the air five thousand feet over northern Colorado. ...Sometimes, while pursuing life at the edge, things go wrong. For any venture you pursue, here are the three critical keys you must know for success and survival. ...Includes chapters on Risk, Opportunity, Experience, Predictability and Opportunity, and the short, closing chapter, Foundation, on the author's personal faith. Be prepared for risks. Read "Fumes and a Prayer: How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner."