The Resort

George Atwood scratches out a living taking guest sailing from one of the world’s plushest resorts. Life has become somewhat routine and boring, until Kim, the young woman who works for him, disappears. Shepherd Wilkenson is The Resort’s silver-haired womanizing general manager. His primary concern is maintaining a tranquil experience for the guests, and anything resembling a kidnapping must be kept from their ears. Kim wakes up to find she’s been kidnapped by an oversized nutcase who has her imprisoned in a luxurious villa set high on a cliff. Karen Anderson, an attractive twenty-three year old, offers to fill in as mate on George’s boat until Kim is found. He starts having feelings for her, even though he promised himself never to get involved with anyone so young. Officer Durant, the head of the local police department, loves his sleepy little island, but is forced to stretch his department’s resources to the limit to keep their paradise safe. The kidnapper, a warped giant named Herbert, plans to collect young women and live out his fantasies until his credit cards run out. His strict upbringing in rural Texas never prepared him for the hedonistic lifestyle of an exotic land. But he knows his days are numbered.