Should Your Idea Become a Business?

This book has been written for the new inventor working independently and for the person that is a part of a business development team working for a company large or small. The opportunities and struggles for both can be very similar. Both have to sell their ideas to someone else to make things happen. It is also directed to those that manage new business development teams in their company. The goal is to help them get a better understanding of the unspoken and unwritten processes that take place inside their company when it comes to new business expansion. This book is intended to: 1. Help determine if an idea should be a business and if the champion is up to the task of making that happen. 2. Provide tests, tips, and tools to find out if the idea has a chance in the market without taking too much time or money. 3. Serve as a guide to help avoid some of the common mistakes made by private innovators and company business development teams. The author has experience being a Vice President of a small business that grew from 20 million to almost one billion in sales and being and Executive Vice President of a 20 billion dollar public company. He has just filed for his 50th patent and has launched several new products and businesses over the last 30 years.