The Business Casual Survival Guide: 30 Looks for Men

Master Business Casual with Confidence, Comfort, and Ease In today’s challenging business casual world, you don’t need a “fashion” book. You need the right tools to tailor your own personal version of business casual style, and that’s "The Business Casual Survival Guide" at its core. It features 30 looks for men in full color, all with recommendations on how to dress them up, dress them down, and make them edgier, giving you 120 outfit combination ideas. What inspires you? Perhaps it’s Look 2, the "I wrote the code that saved your company," or Look 8, the "I'll sell, but it'll cost you triple," or Look 19, the "We should discuss business over martinis more often.” With the guidance of nationally-renowned men's fashion stylist Emmi Sorokin, you’ll have fun discovering how easy it can be to thrive with your style.