What Makes a Good Farm for Wildlife?

Based on 13 years of intensive research, What Makes a Good Farm for Wildlife? is the first book to bring together extensive scientific learning on what makes a good farm for biodiversity. It breaks the discussion into chapters on key environmental and vegetation assets and then discusses how to make these assets better for biodiversity.

The work encompasses information on vertebrates and invertebrates on farms and their relationships with key vegetation and environmental assets. These assets cover specific areas—woodland remnants, plantings, paddocks, rocky outcrops and waterways. A chapter is dedicated to each key asset and how that asset can be managed. In the final chapter, the author discusses the aggregation of these assets at the farm level—bringing all of the information together and also highlighting some landscape-scale perspectives on agricultural management for enhanced biodiversity.

What Makes a Good Farm for Wildlife? is written in an engaging style and includes color photographs and information boxes. It will be an important reference for landholders, hobby farmers, vineyard owners, naturalists interested in birds and other native animals, natural resource managers and policy makers.