An Illustrated Guide to Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America

This comprehensive reference work illustrates over 400 of the most important and beautiful mushrooms to be found in North America, and is ideal for the mushroom enthusiast and amateur naturalist alike.

Accurately observed and beautiful watercolor illustrations, prepared by the author himself, show the essential form and features of each mushroom.

Detailed and concise text accompanies each illustration, giving precise information on family groupings, habitat preferences, and key identification features, including microscopic details and the edibility of each species.

Informative pictorial keys and illustrations of mushroom structures, along with a full glossary of technical terms, make identification quick and easy.

A comprehensive introduction looks at the est ways to find and collect fungi in order to study them further, and the steps to take to make positive identification easier, including the production of fascinating spore-prints and simple chemical tests.

A detailed explanation is given of the varied and curious life-cycles of different fungi; the often bizarre methods with which they disperse their spores; and their sometimes beneficial, sometimes parasitic associations with the plants and animals around them.