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Chapter 1 THE NATIONAL CAREER APTITUDE SYSTEM WHY THE NCAS IS FOR YOU We know you're reading this book because you're concerned about your future: you want to find the right job, and you know that it must happen by careful choice, not by haphazard chance. Perhaps you're recently completed your formal education and now are seeking your first or second job. All too often we find that young adults make these initial selections on a wing and a prayer and with little understanding of their potential. Well, this book will remedy that. Perhaps you're reentering the work force after several years as a homemaker. You need to translate your worthy experiences into salable skills needed in today's marketplace. Knowledge of your strengths and capabilities will direct you toward a career that is right for you. Perhaps you're contemplating a job change because your current position inhibits your personal growth, limits your ability to do your best, or does not provide sufficient recognition or rewards. Perhaps you're one of the five out of six who finds yourself in your job by accident. That's right, not by thorough career planning but by accident. You somehow stumbled into it. And now you know you're in the wrong job. Whatever your present situation, you know that the decision you're about to make is too important to leave to luck, a whim, or what your best friend thinks you should do. You'll find a professional system in this book that really works; one that will give you a new, decisive, and exciting way to clearly view yourself, to determine your career strengths and to set appropriate goals. You'll have a much better sense of which job options are available to you and which careers are apt to be the most satisfying and rewarding. After using our system you will be well on the way to making one of the best decisions of your life -- choosing the career that is most likely to guarantee your success. We want to help you select a career rather than settle for one. YOUR VALUE SYSTEM DETERMINES YOUR JOB SATISFACTION To help you identify what is currently important to you, here's a list of commonly held job-related values. As you look them over, you'll discover that you instinctively feel some are more important than others for your overall job satisfaction. Accumulating large amounts of money Being in an environment that involves frequent change Being involved in work that contributes to the advancement of moral standards I feel are important Belonging to an organization or group Creatively coming up with new ideas Having day-to-day contact with the public Having the independence to decide for myself what needs to be done Helping other people directly Performing a job that requires physical strength and stamina Performing similar tasks each day Receiving considerable recognition for my work Setting my own time schedule Taking extended vacations Taking risks as part of my work Traveling much of my working time d Workin

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By Carla (Berkeley, CA) · ★★★☆☆ · October 11, 2010
Instead of most career oriented books that test you on your interests, this book actually tests you on your aptitude - what you're actually good at.

After an introductory Part I, Part II gives you a series of test in six different categories: business, clerical, logic, mechanical, numerical and s... ...more
By Maria (The United States) · ★★★☆☆ · April 01, 2008
I think this is roughly what high school career counselors have you do: take some tests, and then they come up with a random list of professions you'd be good at. Since I have not graduated from a US high school, I never have gone through the experience.

You spend about 3 hours taking tests that r... ...more
By Jodi (Bardstown, KY) · January 18, 2010
just confirmed what I pretty much already knew .... no new revelations, unfortunately ...more
By Bailey (West Sacramento, CA) · ★☆☆☆☆ · June 25, 2013
horrible. I hated it. the end. ...more