Finding Balance

I come from a tradition that celebrates the possibility of finding new meaning in old stories each time that story is engaged. The scripture is a living word, and in quiet reflection God is revealed anew in our daily lives.  -from the Introduction

In this six-week Sisters study, Becca Stevens will help you consider the question of balance in your life--between service and worship, duty and devotion, doing and being. She does this by examining narratives of New Testament women such as Mary and Martha, Lydia, Mary the mother of Jesus, the Canaanite woman, and Mary Magdalene. Becca concludes the study by exploring the anointings of Jesus Christ, in which women played a crucial role.

Throughout the study, Becca brings powerful insights from her work in Magdalene, a residential community she founded for women with a criminal history of prostitution and drug abuse.  

As a part of the study, you will read from this Participant’s Workbook each week, reflecting on the ideas presented and recording your thoughts and responses. Then, in weekly meetings with your Sisters group, you will share your thoughts and hear the insights of others. Each meeting will include a video in which Becca Stevens discusses the week’s topic with a group she leads, followed by the discussion in your own Sisters group.

Finding Balance will help you weigh and resolve some of the conflicting impulses in your life, as you seek to follow Jesus Christ. 

(also available separately Finding Balance Leader’s Guide #9780687471218or as part of the Finding Balance Kit #9780687344901)