Breast Surgery

The popular series - A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice - provides senior surgical trainees with a concise learning and revision source, and the practising surgeon with a regular update in a particular sub-specialty. Each volume in the series gives a current summary of the key topics within the specialty and concentrates on recent developments. As in the previous edition, evidence-based practice is indicated where appropriate - icons are used throughout the books to highlight sections of text and key references which are considered to be associated with reasonable evidence, i.e. are supported by randomized clinical trials, systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis or observational studies.

  • A consistent approach is used across the complete series thus ensuring that information is presented in a standard format
  • Evidence-based practice is identified throughout each book in a consistent style
  • Each volume gives an up-to-date and concise summary of the key topics within the specialty, thus making them ideal as a learning/revision source for senior surgical trainees or as a rapid reference for consultants