Brenner and Rectors Kidney Individual CD-ROM

Includes the entire two volume set -- the text/tables/illustrations and references from: Brenner: Brenner and Rector The Kidney 5/e. This CD ROM edition of The Kidney provides the practitioner with the most comprehensive, authoritative coverage in the area of nephrology. Includes both Windows and Macintosh formats on a single CD. The CD ROM has the tremendous searching capability of locating any name, word, figure, illustration, legend, or reference from either text using a simple search command. Abstracts to references in the last five years have been included on the CD-ROM. Look on reverse side for other features. MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows Version: - IBM 386 (or later) PC or compatible - Windows 3.1 or higher - DOS 5.0 or higher - 8 MB RAM - 10 MB free on hard drive - CD-ROM drive - Mouse Macintosh Version: - Apple Macintosh computer with 68020 microprocessor - 8 MB RAM - 10 MB free on hard drive - System 7 - Colour monitor - Mouse Features: * Complete text of Brenner: Brenner and Rector The Kidney 5/E including illustrations, tables and references all on a single CD. * Both WINDOWS and MACINTOSH formats are on the same disk. * Program includes tutorial, and is designed for use by a computer novice with liberal use of "help me" throughout. * Every name, word, figure, legend and reference is "searchable". * Includes all unstructured English language Abstracts or references within the last 5 years. * User will be able to compart and contrast illustrations from any part of the text. Each illustration has "zoom" and "reduction" capabilities. * References "pop up in a window" on top of text when clicked on and can be printed as hard copy. * Advance capabilities include Boolean based search engine for entire text. * Researcher can "highlight" text in a multitude of colors. * Yellow sticky note messages with up to 1400 characters can be added to each paragraph. * Book marks can be added for future research. * The table of contents can be searched hierarchically down to the text subheadings. * Program keeps a "trail" of work already completed. * Ability to print hard copy of all text and references (illustrations can not be printed). * 30 day preview!!