Follow the Smart Money: Discover How to Make Winning Trades on the Australian Sharemarket

Deciding which stock to buy is one, if not the most, important part of share trading. In Follow the Smart Money author, trader and market analyst Keith Nielsen shares his common-sense methods for selecting the right stocks. Find out how you can: benefit from the stock recommendations of multiple brokers discover what trades company directors are making follow market depth. The smart money techniques explained in this insightful book will not only help you decide which stocks to pick but will also help you identify the best times to buy and sell. Keith also introduces a new tool for your trading artillery an an essential part of finding that smart money -- the Nielsen Supply Demand Indicator.Using case studies, Keith shows how combining these methods can produce outstanding results. Whether you are new to the stock market of simply looking for a way to improve your trading performance, this book can help. These simple common-sense tools will ensure you are picking the right stocks and on your way to becoming a more profitable trader in no time!What are you waiting for? Go on, follow the smart money!