APA Basic Guide To Payroll (American Payroll Association Basic Guide to Payroll)

<p> How do you stay in compliance and avoid penalties? The <b>2009 American Payroll Association Basic Guide to Payroll </b>delivers plain-English explanations of payroll laws and regulations and pronouncements from the IRS, Department of Homeland Security, SSA, DOL, and more. </p><p><b>Essential Payroll Guidance Presented in an Easy Access Format! </b></p><ul><li> Penalties? Don't search through multiple sources and miss important information...the <b>Guide</b> warns you of every threat. </li><li> Employee or independent contractor? Our checklist helps you make the correct determination. </li><li> Examples and worksheets walk you through hard-to-follow procedures. </li><li> Key IRS forms are reproduced with line-by-line explanations. </li></ul><p> The<b> 2009 APA Basic Guide to Payroll</b> has been updated to include: </p><ul><li> Payroll ramifications of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 </li><li> Form 941-X - the finalized version - and a line-by-line example </li><li> Explanation of the new FMLA regulations and examples of qualifying exigency </li><li> 2009 mileage rate, earned income credit amounts, transit benefits, and levy limits </li><li> New Form I-9, along with a revised list of acceptable documents </li><li> Filing and deposit change for small employers </li><li> Line-by-line explanation of revised Form 941 reflecting COBRA premium assistance </li><li> New procedures for employment tax adjustments </li><li> How the new COBRA subsidy works and why it affects Payroll </li><li> New withholding tables, which reflect the Making Work Pay tax credit </li><li> What the new labor secretary is saying about wage-hour violators </li><li> Revised Circular E, new Publication 15-T, and 2009 Publications 15-A and 15-B </li><li> And more! </li></ul><p></p>