The L Word: Welcome to Our Planet

The popular Showtime series about a group of lesbians living in LA has become a genuine cultural phenomenon since its debut in 2004. The San Francisco Chronicle declared it "a superb television series. . . The cast is wonderful, the writing impressive, and it has a lure that is undeniable," while People magazine raved, "The L Word is HOT."

Now, here is the official guide to this groundbreaking show, featuring more than 250 behind-the-scenes photos and all-new interviews with the show's cast, crew, and creators. With sections focusing on the main characters, the episodes, the styles, and loaded with fun sidebars that decode the show's trademark teaser openers and rank the hottest sex scenes, The L Word: Welcome to Our Planet is a no-holds-barred look at the show and the world behind it.

The book's exclusive, insider access will reveal:

  • What it's like for a straight actress to film a lesbian sex scene
  • The favorite moments of the show's stars and creators
  • How an episode is written
  • The actresses' favorite clothing designers
  • Which of the show's stars spend their off-camera hours riding horses on a ranch, collecting mid-century modern furniture, or doing Janet Jackson dance routines

. . . and much, much more.

A VIP pass into the world of the show, The L Word: Welcome to Our Planet is an absolute must-have for fans everywhere.

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By Lucy (Wolverhampton, West Midlands, The United Kingdom) · February 03, 2013
It's the L word...Jennifer Beals is in it..I love her...Theres nothing more to say.. ...more