Deleuze and the Cinemas of Performance: Powers of Affection

This book offers a unique reconsideration of the performing body that privileges the notion of affective force over the notion of visual form at the centre of former theories of spectacle and performativity. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze's philosophy of the body, and on Deleuze-Spinoza's relevant concepts of affect and expression, Elena del Río examines a kind of cinema that she calls 'affective-performative'. The features of this cinema unfold via detailed and engaging discussions of the movements, gestures and speeds of the body in a variety of films by Douglas Sirk, Rainer W. Fassbinder, Sally Potter, Claire Denis, and David Lynch. Key to the book's engagement with performance is a consistent attention to the body's powers of affection.

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By Ayanna (The United States) · ★★★★☆ · February 17, 2015
This book is DENSE! I will be honest, I struggled immensely to understand how Del Rio uses the body to reach a peak, in my opinion, on affect theory through Deleuze. With that being said, the book was such a rewarding read for me. I read it at the same time as I was reading Deleuze's Cinema books... ...more