ISO 9001: 2000 In Brief

A clear and comprehensive guide to quickly set up a cost-effective Quality Management System

Revised and expanded, the new edition of this easy-to-understand guide provides practical information on how to set up a cost-effective ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Management System. With comprehensive coverage of the meaning, history and requirements of the current ISO 9000 standard, the book explains how businesses can easily and efficiently satisfy customer requirements for quality control and quality assurance. Four years into the current version of ISO 9001, the new edition of this valuable book incorporates the hard-won experiences of working with the standard, together with direct, accessible and straightforward guidance that is proven to work.

New material in this edition covers:

• The Application of the Eight Principles of Management
• Audit Basics
• Compatibility with other Management Systems and Standards
• Comprehensive Summary of the ISO 9001:2000 Requirements
• Continual Improvement Methods
• Guidance on the Six Mandatory Requirements for Written Procedures
• Process Improvement Tools - including Six-Sigma Techniques
• Process Metrics
• Setting of Quality Objectives
• The 21 Specific Requirements of Management
• The Application of Information Technology in Quality Management