Beef Cattle: Breeding, Feeding, and Showing (Practical Farming)

A detailed guide to the breeding and management of beef cattle and their preparation and fitting for shows and sales. The book is divided into two sections: breeding and management of stock which includes ancestry, cattle breeds, choosing a breed, selection and evaluation of stock, genetics and breeding systems, and a section on showing which deals with reasons for showing, ration formulation, education, pre-show preparation, show routine, judging and judges duties. The book contains practical suggestions and commonsense. It is illustrated with photographs of all stages and includes 16 pages of color photographs

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By Peta (Australia) · ★★★★★ · May 11, 2014
An excellent resource on the basics of cattle, this was a very easy but informative read with good pictures and diagrams to accompany information. I would reccomend this to anyone interested in keeping cattle or anyone studying agriculture from a high school level upwards. ...more
By Brooke (The United States) · October 11, 2013
This chapter is talking about breeding beef animals. There are a few different forms of breeding. Pasture breeding and artificial insemination. Today we mainly use artificial insemination or AI because the modern heifer is much smaller framed and it is safer than the old fashioned pasture breedin... ...more