As Berry and I were Saying (B-Berry Pleydell)

Reprinted four times in three months, this semi-autobiographical novel is a humorous account of the author's hazardous experiences in France, at the end of the World War II. Darker and less frivolous than some of Yates' earlier books, he describes it as 'really my own memoir put into the mouths of Berry and Boy', and at the time of publication it already had a nostalgic feel. A great hit with the public and a 'scrapbook of the Edwardian age as it was seen by the upper-middle classes'.

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By [G] · ★☆☆☆☆ · August 24, 2014
Published in 1952--but you'd think (apart from the references to World War 2) that it was written 30 years earlier. This book consists of the reminiscences of the man who wrote under the Dornford Yates monicker, dressed up as the fireside chats of two of his fictional creations, Boy Pleydell (the... ...more