Herbal Remedies From The Wild: Finding And Using Medicinal Herbs

A handbook for the home herbalist, detailing how to identify, gather, and prepare more than fifty different wild plants for medicinal use.

Traditional herbal medicine, long practiced as a primary form of healing in many cultures around the world, is gaining tremendous popularity and acceptance in this country. Plants such as echinacea and St. John's wort have become common remedies, and new scientific studies show evidence that these plants are in fact effective in bolstering the immune system and treating depression. Anyone interested in plants and in learning more about how to use them to enhance health will enjoy this book.

Herbal Remedies From the Wild gives full descriptions of 52 medicinal herbs common to North America--plants such as valerian, used for insomnia; red clover, for coughs; and elderberry, for fever. For each species, the author gives details on its appearance, where it is found, how to harvest and prepare it, and the recommended dosage for specific ailments (including cautions about conditions that preclude the use of the herb). The introduction provides instructions for making teas, tinctures, salves, and syrups. A line drawing of each herb aids in identification. A huge surge of interest in herbal medicine coincides with this book's re-release. Herbal Remedies from the Wild is a revised and redesigned edition of the book Earthmagic, which sold nearly 10,000 copies in its first edition. 52 b/w illustrations