Why Do I Feel Scared?: A First Look at Being Brave

Children learn that there are many ways of being brave, but not all of them involve the kinds of action they often see in TV adventure stories. One way for kids to be brave is to keep trying at something that they find difficult--trying until they succeed. They learn that it is normal to be scared of some things, and that having courage is daring to do the right thing, even when it feels uncomfortable or scary. This new title in Barron's growing series of A First Look at . . . books is written especially for preschool and early-grades children. Books in this series feature sensitively written stories that encourage boys and girls to explore their feelings, face new challenges in their lives, and talk to trusted elders about how to deal with things that bother them. The books feature child-friendly color illustrations on every page. An advice to parents section appears at the end of each book.

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By Amber (Omaha, NE) · ★★★☆☆ · October 25, 2012
This is a great little picture book that teaches what being brave is really about. The illustrations in the book are everyday settings; classrooms, playgrounds, and the home. They all depict certain aspects of being brave; standing up for someone who cannot stand up for themselves, telling the tr... ...more