Drug Reference for EMS Providers

Drug Reference for EMS Providers is the first comprehensive reference designed to present complete, in depth profiles on the wide variety of drugs EMS professionals may need to use or deal with during the course of treatment. Profiles are organized alphabetically by generic and most common trade names. A section organized by drug classification and based on the DOT Paramedic curriculum provides core information that applies to all drugs within the class. Detailed information on each drug's mechanism of action, summary of accepted out-of-hospital indications, contraindications, drug interactions, side effects, and dosage is provided in the A-Z section. Other useful information includes sections on patient medication assessment and the basics of pharmacokinetics and pharmodynamics. Appendices include controlled substance in the United States, elements of a prescription, pregnancy categories, drug-dose calculations/IV rate calculations, table of weights and measures, and rapid-sequence intubation. · EMS Considerations are presented using criteria for special implications the EMS professional needs to know using drug therapy. · Symptoms and treatments are summarized for appropriate drugs under "overdose management". · Routes and dosages are clearly delineated and correlated for both adult and pediatric dosages. · Prescriptions and medications taken at home are addressed.