Private Secondary Schools 2014-15

Peterson's Private Secondary Schools 2014-15 is a valuable resource to help parents and students evaluate and choose from more than 1,100 schools in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world. Featured institutions include independent day schools, special-needs schools, and boarding schools-including junior boarding schools for middle school students. Profiles offer detailed information on areas of specialization, location/setting, affiliation, accreditation, tuition and aid availability, student body, faculty, academic programs, athletics, computers and campus technology, and admission information. Dozens of in-depth descriptions and displays offer photos of students and school campuses, as well as essential information to help parents find the right private secondary school for their child. Extra Summer Programs section offers additional details on fascinating summer opportunities at private secondary schools.

  1. Detailed, informative profiles for more than 1,100 private secondary schools, listed alphabetically, with additional sections for special-needs and junior boarding schools.
  2. In-depth private school descriptions, with details on academic programs, daily life, academic facilities, athletics, college admission counseling, costs and financial aid, and admissions information.
  3. Helpful articles on the merits of private education at independent day schools, contemporary boarding schools, and semester schools; the benefits of special needs schools; understanding the admission application form; ways to pay for a private school education; tips for taking the required standardized tests; and advice on finding the perfect match.
  4. Quick-Reference chart for easy comparison of types of programs, faculty members, student-faculty ratio, AP preparation, and number of sports offered.
  5. Specialized search directories for finding schools that meet each family's individual criteria