Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' Medical Assisting Exam Review for CMA and RMA Certification

This text will prepare you to successfully pass the CMA and RMA national medical assisting certification exams. A unique pretest provides analysis of your strong and weak areas, and helps you to develop a tailored and highly effective study plan. The book's format is engaging and comprehensive yet concise, infusing humor and motivational strategies to help you thoroughly review and prepare for certification. This simple and effective approach is purposely designed to keep you focused. And, you are sure to benefit from a full unit devoted to exam day preparation, which provides invaluable practice and review.

Special Features Include—

  • A Study Plan that uncovers your strong and weak areas through pretest results. Based on these scores, you can create a focused and successful strategy for study
  • Answer Rationales are provided that clearly reinforce your understanding of the material immediately. No flipping back and forth to review your answers!
  • A fully updated CD-ROM with two practice exams (one for CMA and one for RMA) that accompany the text for additional practice and review
  • An encouraging tone throughout the chapters with asides, icon-style art, and an open layout, instills confidence to tackle even the most complicated subject matter
  • A tear-out bookmark lets you cover your answers and rationales, and serves as a convenient study aid

This text gives you the tools and information that you'll need to succeed on the CMA or RMA exams!