Mastering AutoCAD 2002 Premium Edition

The Classic AutoCAD Authority--Updated and Filled with Bonus Coverage

An updated and specially expanded edition of Omura's classic, Mastering AutoCAD 2002, Premium Edition is designed to benefit beginners and experts alike. Clear, step-by-step instruction guides you through basic and intermediate tasks. Advanced coverage--including four bonus chapters--helps you master potentially daunting AutoCAD topics such as database connectivity, AutoLISP and VBA programming, and support for splines, polylines, and other aspects of 3D modeling. You're sure to keep this indispensable resource close at hand, where it can help you meet every AutoCAD challenge that comes along.
* Find your way around the AutoCAD interface
* Create and develop an AutoCAD drawing
* Manage your drawing projects
* Control your drawings' printed output
* Improve your efficiency and precision
* Align points with existing elements
* Preview your drawings using WYSIWYG plotting
* Discover hidden or hard-to-find features
* Work with multiple documents
* Master the 3D modeling and rendering process
* Customize AutoCAD
* Collaborate with others on large AutoCAD projects
* Take advantage of AutoCAD's Internet features
* Link drawings to databases and spreadsheets
* Combine tools to accomplish complex tasks
* Program using AutoLISP
* Automate and customize AutoCAD using VBA
* Work effectively with solid modeling features
* Meet tough surface modeling challenges