Geometric Design Projects for Highways: An Introduction

This book provides an overall perspective of how various elements contributing to highway design interact to create a basis for the preliminary route selection and design. It presents projects from the initial provision of a topographic map and specifications through to the investment and user cost estimates of a particular highway. Vertical and horizontal alignment, drainage issues, and potential environmental impacts are also discussed. Intended for use by senior undergraduate and graduate students, this edition: expands on environmental reporting concerns; presents a discussion of economic cost analysis and its applications; includes an outline of route selection and design methods aided by digital terrain and computerized alignment modeling; and furthers realism of design and evaluation in the classroom. "Geometric Design Projects for Highways, Second Edition", is structured to complement highway design theory described in existing texts and design guidelines, and to supplement these in a typical highway design course. This book can also serve as a supplementary text for an introductory short-course on geometric design for practicing engineers, and is a practical resource for transportation and land-use planners.