Hulk, Vol. 4: Hulk vs. X-Force

It's THE HULKBUSTERS VS. X-FORCE! Who are the Hulkbusters? How about Red Hulk! Deadpool! The Punisher! Elektra! Thundra! The Crimson Dynamo! What terrible secret could bring this group together - only to run headlong into the deadliest team of X-Men? All this - and wait until you see RED HULK VS. WOLVERINE! Superstar scribe Jeph Loeb is joined by art team Ian Churchill and Mark Farmer as the epic saga of the Red Hulk continues! Collects Hulk #14-18.

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By Anne (Columbia, SC) · ★★★☆☆ · October 17, 2011
3.5 stars

It's been said before, but this whole thing with the Red Hulk comes off as a little disjointed.
The story in volume 4 kept my interest, though. It was fun, but not great. Who is the Red Hulk and Who is the Red She-Hulk? It's kind of obvious. Fun story line...but obvious. If you weren't s... ...more
By Pturingan (Philippines) · ★★★☆☆ · November 27, 2011
Hmm, this actually getting better, after the awfulness of Vol. 3 ...more
By Matt (Saint Paul, MN) · ★★★☆☆ · September 06, 2013
I have read Red Hulk stories that come after this, so I was pleasantly surprised that this volume featured the first appearance of Red She-Hulk. The title is a little misleading because there is very little of Red Hulk vs. X-Force. It's in there, but only briefly, and then later in the book, afte... ...more
By Adhitia (Jakarta, 04, Indonesia) · ★★★☆☆ · November 23, 2010
yah lumayan menghibur ketimbang yang volume 3. sedikit ada cerita yang menarik di volume kali ini.
Red Hulk marah ketika salah satu anggota dari X-Force berusaha memata-matainya untuk mencuri identitas Red Hulk. Sadar bahwa dirinya dalam situasi yang gawat, Red Hulk langsung mengumpulkan para supe... ...more
By Shannon (The United States) · ★★☆☆☆ · February 17, 2013
The main storyline, Hulk vs. X-Force is just more of the same: a mindless fight spread out over several issues, with no real consequences. The annoyance of the ongoing who-is-red-hulk tease is just made worse by the introduction of she-red-hulk. I mean, please [3/10]. Contrariwise, the final issu... ...more
By Trey (Gunnison, CO) · ★★★☆☆ · January 04, 2014
It seems like Loeb's run with the Red Hulk is just an excuse to have him fight all the characters in the Marvel Universe. There's some good action here, but the shadow-plot behind it all seems kind of dumb on its slow reveal. This is not a thinking man's book. ...more
By Holden (Anchorage, AK) · ★★☆☆☆ · July 10, 2013
Still not a stellar read, but definitely getting better. that last part with Doc Samson was actually pretty flawless. It's biggest over flaw is still delivery: The dialog is shit, the narration seeming to be pointless, the story wonders about to much just being a macho punch fest. I keep putting... ...more
By M (Rocky Mount, NC) · ★★★★☆ · July 31, 2011
The mystery of the Red Hulk may have been accidentally uncovered by X-Force's Domino, causing Red to gather a crew to take her out. The so-called "Code Red" consists of Thundra, Deadpool, Crimson Dynamo, and Punisher; they find themselves up against Wolverine, Warpath, Archangel, and the X-Force... ...more
By Mike (Wycliffe, The United Kingdom) · ★★☆☆☆ · April 10, 2011
As as been said before about this book(in fact it could be said about the whole RedHulk run) it feels disjointed and the rhythm is upset by the narrative interjecting into converstions.

Lovely art though.

I'm just looking forward to getting back to Bruce and the GREEN (or Gray) Hulk ...more