Learning about Dance: Dance as an Art Form and Entertainment

"Learning About Dance" is a lucid, exciting, and concise textbook that takes the student through all of the diverse elements that make up the world of dance. Beginning with a broad, historic overview of the art form, this text moves into an engaging discussion of the respective roles of the dancer, choreographer and audience, and then into the more detailed origins and evolution of the major genres. It shows the respective roles of dancers, choreographers and audiences relating to the art of dance, along with highlighting the many careers in dance. It contains all the major dance genres: ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, musical theatre, world dance forms, improvisation, creative dance and social dance. There are dramatic photos that illustrate text information. It features a user-friendly writing style. There are discussion questions that elicit the critical, creative thinking needed for group discussions. There are creative projects that apply text concepts to promote hands-on, experiential learning. It also includes major figures that feature biographical statements, photos and descriptions of renowned artists.